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Kolmi Hopen, European heart of the Medicom Group

Kolmi Hopen, European heart of the Medicom Group

Kolmi Hopen has been the French leader in single-use protection for over 50 years.

We design and manufacture products with exclusive technologies for contamination control and risk prevention.

We are part of Medicom, a Canadian Group with the worldwide reputation of providing protective solutions for dental, medical and industrial sectors.

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We are an European company specialized in contamination control and risk prevention solutions, and are committed to delivering excellence to our customers.

We strive to create partnerships with our customers through lasting relationships by offering high-quality and high-added-value products supported by exceptional services based on continual process improvement.

We foster a work environment that brings out the best in every employee.

Missions Values Vision


We are dedicated to the continual improvement of solutions for the medical, industrial and hygiene markets.

Our goal is to provide distributors, professionals and end users with the most reliable brand of products offering exceptional value.

We bring an entrepreneurial passion to everything we do to offer our customers an unparalleled experience.


  • Responsibility
    We design highly engineered products that need to meet the current requirements of standards and regulations.

  • Local support
    We provide local support to our customers and users, from the design to the use of our products.

  • Confidence
    We give our users the confidence they need while they face risks, as they know they can rely on our products.

The Medicom Group in a nutshell

Founded in Canada in 1988 by Ronald Reuben, the Medicom® Group is a resolutely entrepreneurial company. With a turnover of more than USD 1.450 billion, the Medicom® Group is an international manufacturing company specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of single-use and short-use products for the dental, medical, industrial and hygiene sectors. The Group has now over 1,200 employees in Europe, North America and Asia.

The Medicom® group has 6 production units and markets its products in over 95 countries.


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