January 16, 2019

Kolmi-Hopen, a quality control Made in France


Our Quality department and independent laboratories ensure the quality of our raw materials and finished products by checking in particular:

Case cochéeThe characteristics of the raw materials (machine direction and cross direction resistance, absorption capacity, weight)

Case cochéeThe resistance of the assembly ( glue or ultrasonic welding)

Case cochéeResistance to fluid splashes

Case cochéeBreathability

Case cochéeWaterproofness

Case cochéeFiltration efficiency

Case cochéeMicrobial load (Bioburden)

Case cochéeBiocompatibility


Our commitments:

  • Guaranteeing quality of our products through an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified system
  • Guaranteeing an optimal level of quality, comfort, safety and traceability
  • Ensure compliance with processes
  • Guarantee a batch release controlled by the Quality Department
  • Reduce the risk of irritation and allergies