Our masks

Kolmi is committed to offering the most advanced and efficient range of masks in the market.

To achieve that goal, our design and manufacturing are based on four key principles:

Maximal protection

Best-in-class bacterial filtration efficiency even during long-term operations.

Exceptional breathability

Unsurpassed breathability performance, exceeding the requirements of EN 14683: 2019 + AC: 2019 and EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009.*
* Tests carried out by accredited laboratories

Superior comfort

Our masks are latex-free and consist of soft and/or absorbent inner layers ensuring optimal comfort even on sensitive skin.

Solutions for all

Aware of the specificities of certain professions, Kolm® is committed to developing protection solutions for all.

We design and manufacture two categories of masks

Medical masks
Respiratory protection masks

Medical mask with earloops, headloops or ties-on

Discover the exclusive technologies we have developed for our medical masks


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Our masks are manufactured from the highest quality materials from world leading non-woven manufacturers. These materials ensure that our masks not only have excellent breathability, but are also amazingly lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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Available in Type II and Type IIR, our OP-AIR® ONE composition has an advanced filtration system combined with our Sofskin technology. Thanks to the presence of cellulose in its inner layer, the mask allows an outstanding skin comfort. As an absorbent material, the cellulose allows the absorption of sweat and fogging that could form in the mask during longterm interventions.

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Also availbale in different types of protection, our OP-AIR® composition is made with a non-vowen recommended for sensitive skin. With its smooth available and soft inner layer, the OP-AIR® mask is an assembly of layers guaranteeing an exceptional breathability while maintaining a perfect bacterial filtration efficiency.

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Our range is completed by OP-R® masks. Like the two ranges above, the OP-R® range keeps an excellent breathability and filtration efficency compared to classic import products.

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The Kolmi® masks range is completed by OP-AIR® KID masks. A Type II range especially designed for contagious children during their moves within health establishments. Available in two sizes : 1-5 years & 5-12 years.



Respiratory protection masks

Find out why our respiratory protection masks are unlike others

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Our masks feature base materials manufactured by world leading manufacturers of nonwoven and filter materials for the healthcare market. This material ensures that our masks are both lightweight and comfortable to wear from first fit, while also remaining breathable and protective over extended periods of time.

And to ensure that everyone has a mask to suit their body type, our FFPs are available in sizes S, M and L.

A fit test may be necessary to determine the right size for you: