18 / 01 / 2019


Here are our new openwork and machine washable wipes.

Hygienic and reusable, they will replace sponges and other surface cleaning devices.

Their different colours make it possible to define a use area per colour in order to avoid any risk of cross-contamination.






Areas of activity :

-Daily cleaning

-Multi-purpose: TV/screens, WC, sanitary facilities, furniture, windows, joints, tiled floors/pvc/parquet, ventilation grids.

-Daily cleaning

-Multi-purpose: Work surfaces, ovens, refrigerator/cold rooms, floors, bins, pots, fryers...


General services (restaurants, bars...)

-Bar/Counter, tables, floor, chairs, lighting, sanitary facili.......

-Multi-purpose: Work surfaces, ovens, refrigerator/cold rooms, floors, bins, pots, fryers...

Product description :

HOP CLEAN 8.0 Openwork Pads Made in France  
75gr/m² Intensive use / Openwork cellular and soft material
6 bags of 25 formats 35 x 50cm
Bag with pre-cut + V-shaped folding.
5 Available colors
         -20.891 = Blue

         -20,892 = Yellow

         -20,893 = Pink

         -20,894 = Green

         -20,895 = White

Hop Clean Wipes  ©Kolmi Hopen Medicom

User benefits :

  • Guarantee of a quality product with real traceability
  • Exceptional absorption power of more than 950% à True efficiency, saving time and productivity
  • Machine washable at 90° with excellent colour fastness to washing according to EN 20105-A02 and excellent resistance to household detergents, disinfectants, bleach and hot water. Reusable and therefore an economical and sustainable solution.
  • Non-precontaminated product (Ultra clean) according to EN 11737: 2006 (BIOBURDEN) Limitation of the risk of contamination from the first use.
  • Facilitates the opening of the bag and the distribution of the wipes to save the user's time. Limits the risk of contamination of the wipes once the bag is opened
  • Don't lint. Limits the risk of residue on cleaned surfaces.
  • Identification of possible areas by colour codes is essential as part of the HACCP approach. It also avoids any risk of simple or cross-contamination.