HOPEN - Elasticated Oversleeves

PP / PE elasticated oversleeves - 50 x 20 cm


  • Dental

  • Medical

  • Industry

  • Hygiene
HOPEN - Elasticated Oversleeves

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Features and advantages

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  • Pleasant, lightweight, PE-coated PP cuffs with elasticated cuffs for forearm protection
  • Porous material for improved breathability: water-resistant but allows moisture to evaporate
  • Suitable for protected environments: the PE film fixes the PP particles and reduces the release of fibres

Technical description

  • Size / Dimensions : 50 x 20 cm
  • Made in : China
  • single-use Single-use
  • without-latex Without Latex
  • should-not-be-stuck-in-a-damp-place Should not be stuck in a damp place
  • should-not-be-exposed-to-temperature-variations-above-or-below Should not be exposed to temperature variations above or below
  • must-not-be-exposed-to-the-sun Must not be exposed to the sun
  • haccp HACCP

Product informations

Product features

Brand Article Size Colour
Hopen 20.407 50 x 20 cm White

Packaging Features

Subpackaging Packaging
Bag 20 x 20

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