KOLMI - PP isolation gown

PP Isolation Gown Classic - Back laces + elasticated wrists - Unique size - Sky blue


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  • Medical

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  • Hygiene
KOLMI - PP isolation gown

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Features and advantages




  • Comfortable and light, the material is highly breathable
  • Without collar and elasticated wrists
  • Back closure with laces at the belt and the neck
  • Without pocket
  • Long sleeves
  • Single size
  • Worn by nursing staff and visitors over clothing, it protects patients from the risk of external infection.

Technical description

  • Material : Polypropylene
  • Clothing manufacture : Sewn, without collar, without pocket, long sleeves, elasticated wrists, Back closure with laces at the belt and the neck
  • Size / Dimensions : 110 x 135 cm (± 10%)
  • Weight (g/m²) : 23 (± 10%)
  • Made in : China
  • unsterile Unsterile
  • single-use Single-use
  • should-not-be-stuck-in-a-damp-place Should not be stuck in a damp place
  • should-not-be-exposed-to-temperature-variations-above-or-below Should not be exposed to temperature variations above or below
  • must-not-be-exposed-to-the-sun Must not be exposed to the sun

Product informations

Product features

Brand Article Size Weight Color
Kolmi 🎗 J40456 U 17g/m² Pink
Kolmi J40455 U 23g/m² Sky blue

Packaging Features

Inner case Packaging
Individual bag 1x100
Individual bag 1x100

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