KOLMI - Care drapes Excellence cellulose wadding 24 g/m² + PE 20µm

Tissue 24 g/m² + PE 20µm Active, white + blue, 37,5 x 43 cm - Made in France


  • Dental

  • Medical

  • Industry

  • Hygiene
KOLMI - Care drapes Excellence cellulose wadding 24 g/m² + PE 20µm

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Features and advantages



  • Highly absorbent and waterproof plasticised field
  • Excellent resistance to tearing and wear
  • Available in different sizes

Technical description

  • Material : Cellulose wadding 24 g/m² + Polyethylene 20 µm
  • Made in : France
  • unsterile Unsterile
  • single-use Single-use
  • without-latex Without Latex
  • should-not-be-stuck-in-a-damp-place Should not be stuck in a damp place
  • should-not-be-exposed-to-temperature-variations-above-or-below Should not be exposed to temperature variations above or below
  • must-not-be-exposed-to-the-sun Must not be exposed to the sun

Product informations

Product features

Brand Article SizeColor
Kolmi F20808
Kolmi F20815
Kolmi F20836
Kolmi F20840
Kolmi F20850
Kolmi F20826
Kolmi F20830
Kolmi F20846C
Kolmi F20846

Packaging Features

Inner case Packaging
Polybag 1X1500
Polybag 1X1200
Polybag 1X1000
Polybag 1X800
Polybag 1X600
Polybag 1X375
Polybag 1X650
Polybag 1X300
Polybag 1X300

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